A Jet Fan Weighs In On The Nation's Next QB



As a Jet fan, I'm used to nearly fifty years of misery.

Each draft or trade brings a new Jet quarterback with promises of "Change" and "Hope" and later disappointment. As an American I can say the same. Washington politics is like watching a football game where neither team moves the ball. The whole game is played at the fifty yard line where the grass has long turned to mud, good for slinging between plays. And who can afford a seat and hot dog (thankfully concessions accept food stamps). Meanwhile outside the stadium, corporate America continues to use every loop-hole known to a CPA and a Human Resource Manager, to strip-mine our country of every nickle and dime. Profits are havened. Manufacturing jobs are gone. Office services have been outsourced. Immigrants are doing a lot of the work left behind. Healthcare? Forget about it.

Why vote? Two reasons:

First, Presidents pick Supreme Court Justices. The Supreme Court sets all the country's rules and has an open seat. It's important to have a progressive President as their selection of a Supreme Court Justice will have implications lasting decades.

Second, the President is Commander-in-Chief, a title that wields power across the country and the globe. War and security is a very big US industry that grows where ever we poke our noses.

I see the leading Republican candidate, Donald Trump as a "Johnny Manziel" quarterback hopeful. As a builder, Trump's stomp of bringing back jobs has scored big with blue-collared America. He's also is good at digging out of bankruptcies, which is a common problem that dots the our country's map. Unfortunately, like Manziel, Trump seems unstable and neglects to learn the play-book. I could see Trump nominate his trusted limo driver (no insult intended) as a Supreme Court Justice, and who knows what he will do as Commander-in Chief in a "pissed-off" moment.

Then there's Bernie Sanders. an intriguing quarterback prospect from Vermont's farm system. Like Senator Obama of eight years ago, Sanders has touched the liberal hearts of another generation of young voters. I like his ideas of free education and single-payer insurance. But they are progressive programs that need to be passed on the state level first. Sanders will certainly nominate a progressive judge but as Commander-in-Chief he reminds me of Don Quixote with a lance (or firearm) atop a donkey, charging Vermont windmills.

And then there's Hillary Clinton. Last football season, the Jet's teamed up a hardened veteran quarterback named Ryan Fitzpatrick, formerly with the Rams, Bengals, Bills and Oilers, with his former Buffalo Bill coach Chan Gailey, and magic happened with the Jets. They won many games and hope in Jet Nation is now alive and well. That's why I pick Hillary Clinton for our nation's next quarterback. Like Fitzpatrick, she's a seasoned veteran. As a former U.S. Secretary of State, US New York Senator, US First Lady and Arkansas First Lady, Hillary will hopefully win the election and team-up with her coach and husband, President Bill Clinton, in leading our nation forward.

Hillary will certainly nominate a progressive judge to the Supreme Court. As Commander-in Chief, she has vast experience in international matters, and was a part of the "Situation Room," when, as Secretary of State, she helped eliminate the mastermind behind 9-11.



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