Older Americans Have American Dreams Too

By Donathan Salkaln:                                    

Under the radar of empty air traffic control towers there is talk in Washington of cutting Social Security benefits. That giant vault of money that I, and other aging Americans have spent a working-lifetime sacrificing to pay into, is about to be raided.

Itʼs alarming that Washington is acting like a magician spouts jargon while pulling from its sleeve a budget plan resembling a long rope of twisted clashing colored handkerchiefs, all neatly tied together. And itʼs all happening as quickly as a magician's act. The magician gets his laugh and moves on to his next act, which might as well be the sawing in half of an unbelieving citizen from the audience.

Within Washington's propose budget is a plan to raid our Social Security vault and take out a giant chunk. We need to stand up and say, “No!”

Washingtonʼs planned raid reminds me of a workerʼs dispute several years ago, at a local Chinese restaurant. The dispute escalated to into a picket line along University Avenue in Greenwich Village. The restaurant owners had been withholding tip money from their workers. Workers that complained, got fired. A revolt ensued and the workers eventually won a court order for restitution of lost income.

Like the owner of Chinese restaurant grabbing money due to their workers, Washington is about to take a grab of our money. No matter how much money they take, the theft will chip away of everyone's paid right to their American Dream.

Older Americans have American dreams too!

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